The Cody Heritage Museum focuses on local Cody history -- and we still need YOUR family's contributions of artifacts and objects, in the following areas: 

  • The founding of Cody by William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, George T. Beck, Nate Salsbury, H.M. Gerrans, George Bleistein and Bronson Rumsey  
  • The ranching & agricultural history, and early Cody businesses  
  • Our tourism-based economy, established in Cody to share Yellowstone National Park  with the world  
  • The influence of the oil, gas, and railroad industries  
  • Area cowboy history, including the Cody Stampede Rodeo  
  • Family stories from the generations that have helped to create the Cody we love! 

[Photo Credit-Park County Archives]


What kind of objects do we need? The small space is a challenge!

 Artifacts and Objects are still needed to complete the Museum displays in the 6 focus areas.  If you or your family has items that would illustrate one of those areas, we encourage you to gift them to the CHM, where they will be safe and admired for years to come.  Items should relate to the early history of the Cody area, through the 1960's.  We are covering the area within the boundaries of Park County Fire District 2.We are looking for: journals, letters, advertising memorabilia, souvenirs, personal items, home or business furnishings (smaller than a shoe box!), military insignia/uniform pieces, etc.

Family Poster Project 

  • We are seeking descendants of early families who will contribute flat items for a display -- items like photos, clippings, invitations, etc.    
  • These items will be scanned and printed to fit into plastic sleeves which will be inserted into a wall-mounted flip board.  One sleeve will hold two families, back-to-back, for example, the Frost & Richard families, or Bales & Ballinger.    
  • These "Family Posters" will be printed locally -- we have negotiated a flat fee for scanning, design assistance and printing.    
  • If you would like your historic Cody family to be represented, we encourage you to consider gifting the Museum with this digital reproduction of your historic items.
  • For more information, contact us at:    attn: Lynn Houze, subject: Family Poster Project 

Acquisition Definitions



A gift to the Cody Heritage Museum is an object that the owner irrevocably and unconditionally gives to the Museum, including all rights and title, all copyright, trademark and related interests.


Objects lent to the Cody Heritage Museum remain in the Museum for the time specified on our agreement, unless there are arrangements made for an extension. Objects loaned will only be returned to the Lender or their agent. Loaned items will be renewed annually.

Contact Director & Curator Lynn Houze to discuss donating an object:  307.586.4272